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    Ok everybody wants to see this place grow, so lets think of how to increase traffic flow!

    I'm thinking if everyone here with a site puts a plug on thiers thats a little more advertsing.... but thats really all i can think of for now other than on other forums where they have graphic oriented people or web design oriented people

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    Sorry for the delay in replying to this - my bad!!

    Obviously one of the main points with Pick-Me is the lack of traffic coming through. We have tried to get pick-me in as many places as possible. For example, we are listed on some banner exchange sites, we have paid for advertising on other sites and i've just spent the morning plugging numerous plugboards.

    At the last count, Pick-Me had over 120 hosts listed (not the hostees) and if each one of them could add a small banner to their websites, it would greatly help our visibly. Obviously, the same could be done to our hostees who find a host via Pick-Me, they could blog on their new site that PM found them a host, thus generating some more interest in PM.

    There's only so much that one man can do by himself, especially as I work full time away from this site, and only seem to be able to find a few hours a week to work on it as I'm usually busy with my personal life when I am not working.

    Obviously, if anyone wants to volunteer to be Pick-Me's advertising person, I will welcome the help
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    Default Traffic Flow

    On my "Live" traffic Stats on Main Page through Neo-Counter, even in
    past 24 Hour Uniques, Ive Never seen Africa.

    Think they are the Forgotten country.
    Or the stay away from place because of the Extremely HIGH HIV per cappa.

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