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Job Opening
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    Default Job Opening

    Make Bubblecrush a massive success! Apply for a staff position now!
    Yes, we are now accepting staff applicants for Bubblecrush Web Host!
    We are looking for talented and fun people to become part of our Bubblecrush Support Team.

    Why work for us?
    Good training! Improve your general grammar and spelling, learn business etiquettes that you can use to your own business or job in the future!

    Work flexi-time! Work at anytime of the day at anywhere in the world!

    Who we're looking for?
    Do you think you have what it takes to be part of our team? If so, find a job suitable for you and contact us today!

    Chat Live Support
    We're looking for talented and fun people with a pleasing personality, knowledgeable with HTML and web hosting. Applicants should know how to use Google.

    Server Moderator
    We're looking for trained people who has experienced using a VPS or a dedicated server.
    In the event that the server is experiencing problems, we will contact you to assist us.

    If you're a web designer, please send us a portfolio of your works. We'll contact you.

    What do you get?
    Access our lounge in our support forum.
    Free domain hosting (domain is not included) of 500MB. For every three months, we will add another 500MB.

    Live Support: for every sale you make, you get $0.50. Minimum payout: $15.00.
    Server Moderator: we will give you $5.00 (or even higher) per assistance requested.

    We're still thinking of things to give, but if you have any suggestions, please do tell us!
    Apply Today!
    If you want to become part of the Bubblecrush Network then please send the following:

    • Full Name
      Valid E-mail Address
      Website, if you have any
      Exact Location
      Why you'd like to work for us?

    Email us at admin@bubblecrush.org with subject Job Opening. Then let's have a chat and we'll see.
    We hope to hear from you very soon!

    Bubblecrush Web Host
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    Sounda like the spam bot are back in the two threads above... carry on and you'll be banned
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